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PetroSaudi’s oil projects expansion

September 2014 - PetroSaudi is currently finalizing talks with the Ghanaian government to enter into a joint-venture agreement that would allow Tema Oil Refinery to become profitable once again.

Currently, Tema Oil Refinery (TOR) is not operating at full capacity due to operational, financial and managerial difficulties. It has been recognized that there is room for improvement in different areas which will help increase the overall efficiency of the operations. TOR has also been experiencing difficulties securing the necessary crude oil for a reliable output.

PetroSaudi offers to put its expertise, and insights to use in order to quickly restore the profitability of the Ghanaian refinery.

There is a strong commitment to allocate all necessary resources to revamp TOR operations, and adopt a holistic and collaborative approach to what promises to be a very successful partnership.